Coffee with Ted and Mark Wahlberg…


August 19th 2012


The sun had vanished behind clouds and the rain was not for stopping. What to do on a wet Sunday afternoon? Cinema. I would have chosen the new Bourne film but most female friends do not support my love for action. So I agreed to watch Ted. Deciding what refreshments to take in with us the general consensus was coffee.

Most cinemas now have a coffee chain on or next to their premises. I opted for a soya cappuccino and biscuits. While Becky chose nachos and latte, despite the comment ”my ass will regret this tomorrow”. And with that the decorum went out of the window for the next 2 hours.

We took our seats, put drinks in holders (take away coffee fits) and sat in the dark waiting for the film to start. I took these pictures in the dark so couldn’t see what I was taking!

There had been a preview for a new film about a girl getting possessed. It looks good but due to it being a true story it would freak me out but, Becky said she’d love to see it. We all have our own tastes. Then when I saw the picture ( to the left), I was a little taken back . Is it me or is there evil in the eyes? Should I start to get worried? Especially after the conversation on Friday in teacup!

Ted started. I must admit I thought it was going to be one of those films were you’ve seen all the best bits in the trailer but, boy was I wrong. It’s brilliant, none stop laughing out loud from start to finish. Well it was for us. Is it because our sense of humour is completely childish or unacceptable that we found it so funny? I say this because during the whole film there was only me and Becky laughing out loud. The rest of the audience had small sniggers at certain parts. I’m sorry but Marky Mark having his bare ass whipped with a t.v aerial by a teddy is funny. Or maybe it’s because Ted takes things too far that me and my friend related so well with the film.

There’s something about certain friendships where people have a bond and things sometimes just go ‘too far’. Highly amusing to you, possibly not to others. Going ‘too far’ is a catch phrase used often amongst my friends and we all have people as our bars to make us feel better after a ‘too far’ situation. It’s always reassuring to know there’s always someone worse than you. Sometimes it’s from drunken nights, sometimes jokes or going into too much detail about things, or sometimes with the opposite sex. And that’s what happens with John and Ted. Cleverly done, Ted manages to get away with all things un pc and crude. That said, I’d like to clarfiy I’ve never whipped any friends’ ass with a t.v aerial!

Take breaking wind (this pops up a number of times in the film). Everybody does it, but not everybody a) talks about it, b) does it in public or c) does it infront of their other halves. Yet, it’s nothing amongst true friends. And that’s what the film is about, friendship. Good long lasting friendship, that stands the test of time and the ups and downs. There is a part where Ted draws on a body, which is no shock to John. This reminded me of one time at school when me and Becky went too far with luminous pink nail polish and drew pink dots all over our faces and hands. This was nothing to us two, quite funny at the time. Not funny to our teacher , or us for that matter when we realised it would not wash off!.

Iv’e never laughed so much at a film in a long time, it really is a laugh a minute. So badly that I needed a loo break but was frightened I’d miss another good bit (when Mila goes to the coffee shop is your quick 2 minutes only). When we got in the car there was the sound of thunder coming from the seat to my right. I glanced at my friend with the knowing look and carried on talking. And there it is, friendship.


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  1. It seems that I was right…. My ass was in huge regret this morning!! Please do not allow me to indulge in such large portions of nachos in the future!! The only benefit to stuffing myself with such un healthy fodder.. was that I am almost positive that the car went a little faster on my way home last night… all down to home grown ‘energy power’ Fantastic film last night… EVERYONE needs to see it…. and then bob down to currys and get them selves a TV aerial … it would put 50 Shades of Grey to total shame!!! 😉

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