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Coffee, cake and PVC?


I needed a blog name and initially I had said I was going to do a coffee crawl, but it isn’t just about coffee it’s about interesting places to go too so, instead I thought cafe crawl was a more apt title. Once I got my head around the whole blog thing I was amazed at how many names had already been taken: coffee crawl -gone, coffee and cake-gone, cafe crawl -available but this made it sound like it was just about eating and what if I stopped for a caffeine fix not in a cafe and something interesting happened?

Things I did become aware of through my searching the world wide web was-

  1. how many people are interested in coffee..quite a lot
  2. people meet and do coffee crawls…literally going from one coffee shop to another within a day (I’d be wired and not sleep for 2 days, plus give myself jaw ache)
  3. that there is an official term for a coffee making person- Barista (from the Italian for bartender)
  4. that coffee has seasons, like fruit and veg, and is changed regularly
  5. some people use coffee as an opportunity to ‘come together’ quite literally, by combining their fetish of pvc/kink with their love of coffee and cake…if you don’t believe me type in coffeecakeandkink and you too will be faced with pvc clad women and men feeding each other cake! who’d have thought?
  6. that there are lots of lovely little coffee places hidden away all over the U.K, possibly in a town where you live (go check them out and let me know)
  7. that as soon as I mention what I’m doing someone says ”ooo such a body would like that”
  8. a place in Spittalfields named Sex, drugs and Bacon rolls..sounds interesting

At the moment it seems a very female pass time although I believe Central Perk in Liverpool has a ”mix of business men (it’s near court and business buildings) and young friend enthusiasts.” Thanks Tan.

I’m gathering a list of things to look out for whilst following the bean

  • do any nice quirky places have sofas? ( a friend’s requirement)
  • do males frequent these places/love the bean as much as us women? (I am single)

anything you’d like to know just add to the comment box and I’ll add it to my list.

In the end I decided on coffee (I have a habit to feed) cake (love it) and me (because I will always be there) x


Hello world!


On starting my 5 weeks 3 day summer holidays (14 days ago) I lay in bed thinking about all of the things I wanted to do with my time.  Having no holiday booked,  due to thinking I would be having my tonsils out (instead removed during school time) I was faced with ‘what to do with all of this time on my hands?’

One thing I did know is that I have a new-found coffee addiction, the freshly made type, not instant or out of a packet at home.

Coffee- a variety of uses                                                                                                             

  1. enemas
  2. wake you up
  3. keep you going
  4. catch up with friends
  5. possible ‘date’ experience
  6. a phrase used to get someone back to your house…”come back for coffee?”
  7. partner to a cigarette

which one you choose is your choice. I tend to use it as option 2, 3 and 4. Option 1 has a mind of its own and tends to choose you, unless you’re at a retreat and doing colonics on a regular basis.  

I admit I was a sucker for the packet cappuccino, even latte,  but they fail in comparison to a double shot -fresh. However,  I can’t have 2 coffees in a row or I talk pretty fast ( I talk enough) and my heart races. Which got me thinking one time,  that I wish I had known the effect of strong caffeine in the late 80’s early 90’s.  I could have made a small profit on the club circuit helping people stay awake. I mean if someone had a small business selling oranges in the warehouses (think girl in a wet suit-northern ravers) then anything was possible!  So in order to have coffee after 4pm or 2 in a row I’ll take the decaf option,  which doesn’t taste any different.

And secondly I wanted to catch up with friends.  I decided that I would pair up friends and the need for my coffee fix! Realising that I could potentially be seeing many inside walls of  people’s houses (quite frequently) I needed an option to allow me to ‘get out’  and catch up rather than doing the easy option of nipping/bobbing round to their house.  And everyone needs to ‘get out’ on a regular basis.

This then got me thinking where could we go?  The obvious choice is always good old costa (because there’s one in every town or village) . But with my short interest span and combination of  it being the summer holidays I set about thinking of interesting places to meet. I wanted to find cute, quirky places that not only were a change from the mundane coffee chain but , also enabled me to get to know new places to go ( and eat cake-you can’t have a brew without a nibble!).

 I also use coffee as a good starting point for meeting potential dates so , with this in mind I started to wonder where following the bean  would lead me…….