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Coffee and eye candy at Laynes Espresso..


Saturday 11th August 2012

Joining me-Lisa

Laynes Espresso, Leeds

One of the things which became apparent very quickly once starting this, is that I am supporting the independent coffee shop/cafe which is being swamped by the surplus coffee chains which serve coffee to the masses. Loved by many but lacking any originality. I want something more…. handmade/homemade cake.

I came across Laynes through my friend who calls regularly for her wake up call on the way to work and on an internet search as one of the coffee places listed on a Leeds coffee crawl. Being round the corner of the railway station it meant we didn’t have to walk far before we got a coffee fix. ”The only problem is that I’m wired by the time I get to work” was Lisa’s confession. Caffeine affects her the same as it does me. With this in mind I used my new-found knowledge and enlightened my friend to the one shot cappuccino. ”I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not as now I’ll be able to drink more, ” she said after.

Laynes is a small espresso bar you could easily walk past if you’re rushing for the train, work or don’t know it’s there. This would be a shame as it is a delightful little place which serves a cracking cuppa. Modern with tall bars to sit or stand at (typically Italian) and a choice of cakes and pastries. I believe there is also some choice of food available. To top it off Dave also comes highly recommended!

My coffee was excellent, the second of its type with the creamy foam that mixes seamlessly with the coffee below. How do they do this? Whilst we were sat at the window bar a mixture of clientel passed through its doors. One person asked ”Can I have one of your amazing coffees?” It’s obviously getting a good reputation. Lisa wanted us to talk to Dave about coffee, I wasn’t sure if she was trying to get me some coffee tips, be a good wing man or working on building her own repoire with Dave ha.

I didn’t enhance the ambience by playing a voice mail a friend had left on speaker, a blast from the past-hardcore uproar. Get to Office for your Kicker boots (yes they are on sale there) and root out your puffa jacket!