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A little taste of Italy…


Sunday 12th August

Joining me-Lisa and family

Franco’s, Saltaire

Tip-say no to the chocolate sprinkles,  the kids won’t be interested in your drink and will harass the person who has!

This is a little deli frequented by my friend’s family for the past 6 years. It comes recommended by my friend, her parents and her children. Owned by an authentic half Italian /half polish gent it caters for both cultures by selling Polish and Italian food staples and meals. Considering it was a Sunday afternoon it was a buzz with a mixed clientel,  from families to groups of young people,  sat around the small round tables. Despite this there was a relaxed atmosphere with a random soundtrack in the background, that somehow fit.

Franco’s is open day and evening serving quality home-made food such as meatballs or pasta for under £5.oo. Its value for money is second to none-no wonder it is a hit any day of the week and with families. A choice of 3 drink sizes with a large coming in just under £2.00 (bargain).  Or if you fancy a beer they sell alcoholic drinks. Gelato and homemade cakes and scones were the offerings for our afters. Saying no to the chocolate sprinkles our coffee and generous sized home-made carrot cake arrived. This is a classic of don’t judge a book by its cover.

As you can see from the picture the cake looks dark and a tad crispy on the edges and the coffees look less than perfect. The coffee once again had the creamy foam topping as opposed to the usual  air bubbled froth and the cake lasted a couple of minutes if that. It was delicious. The orange zest lifted the flavour with a hint of ginger whilst the sponge was moist , sweetened by the thin layer of cream. Loved by young and old.

I asked the man how he got the creaminess on top of the cup. When in a coffee que you notice them steaming the milk etc but of late I have been drinking in places where they bring it to you. He explained that when you steam the milk it foams with lots of air bubbles to start, at this point you leave the milk to settle in the jug rather than in the cup (this is why your cappuccino shrinks to a third of the cup very quickly). Once the milk has settled in the jug spoon it onto the coffee. Walla…dense foamy cappuccino and a full cup!

So it seems the people who really know how to make coffee treat the milk with a little more patience than others , resulting in the best coffee. Now you don’t get that in a ‘coffee for the masses’ shop.

I am becoming a coffee snob!