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Cup cakes, willies and Joey Potter…


A hen night for a friend in Preston. A civilised evening with food , friends and alcohol. These are friends from back in the day as a result reminiscing was inevitable…


Bride meets groom-
Me and the hen chatted about when we were in our twenties and I had my first house. “The lilac room.. I loved that room”. That was my spare room. Al’s weekend room. She’d arrive Saturday evening and we’d hit the town in Preston. This was THE place everyone went having our own circuit of pubs we’d go to. I don’t need to stress how messy many of those nights were. Shots, alco pops and black straws bent and sat over your ears as a microphone were all the rage. In the early days we would meet ‘Soon to be husband’ at the end of the night for a few drinks and walk (more like stagger) back. At that point he was the guy from cricket with the bleached hair- someone Al had known a while but they had never got together other than a cheeky snog.

Hang overs-
We’d arrive back at mine very drunk. Sunday was spent on the sofa hung over at mine watching Dawson’s creek. Katie Holmes will always be Joey Potter to me!!

Both finally got together and dated but then it kind of fizzled.

Right under your nose-
The conversation over tea when the light bulb goes on and you realise what you’re looking for is right under your nose and as a friend you ask ‘why are you two not together?’

10 years later-
Here we are getting ready for the wedding! Who would have thought? 2 children,a house later and no bleached hair, they’re getting married.

The tracksuits-
Did I mention we had a love of navy Nike tracksuits? We lived in them, much to the disgust of others. We may not have them now but we have others. We both agreed our love of tracksuits will never die.

The bride’s sister –
Julie was in the same year at school as me but went to the school on the other side of the park. She reminds me of sneaking out of school at dinner time and going to the chippy as she was there with her friends. One thing we all had in common was our knee socks pushed down round our ankles and big hair. It was the 80’s and it was very trendy then! Meanwhile the boys would meet at someone’s house by my school, smoke and watch porn! Guys always thinking with what’s between their legs!

When we hit the bar someone had turned up with specially made cup cakes. Phallic members and handcuffs made from icing decorated the little cakes. And to be pc the Willies were different colours!

This prompted all sorts of tales. One being prompted from This Morning having shown the biggest Willie on live tv that week. Someone knew someone who’d worked on a cruise ship. On this ship was someone with a reputation for having a large member and one day a poor female needed to be wheel chaired off the ship after a night with him because she couldn’t walk!

Whether the tales were true or not the cupcakes went down well. It’s amazing how fast time passes us by. I still see those young girls, yet it’s a long time ago we all met. It’s amazing the things you remember like it was yesterday.

I wonder if Katie Holmes has as many fond memories of the Joey Potter days as we do?