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It’s the barista not the place…


15th August 2012

Bruccianis, Preston

Before catching up with an old friend  I headed into town to do a few jobs, one being bobbing in a well-known large chain clothes shop which is usually pretty hectic and can swallow you up hence I felt the need to ‘fuel up’ beforehand. I took the opportunity to stop off at Bruccianis . An old favourite with locals and visitors,  it is a large cafe which people have visited since before the war. Once inside the unique building you feel you have stepped back in time . It is like a scene from an old movie where people would sip their tea and coffee , cigarette holder in hand, while waiting for their trains (the train station is across the road). The decor and style is in keeping with the building in retaining the old school charm. No meal is over £5.00 and drinks come in cups or mugs.


Unfortunately when my coffee and scone was served it wasn’t quite what I was expecting but,  knowing you cannot judge a book by its cover I eagerly took my seat in the corner and tucked in. I was less than impressed in fact, I was completely unimpressed. The scone was just ok (I like mine crunchy not soft) and the cappuccino was tasteless. This got me thinking about all the little tips I’m picking up along the way. The staff  didn’t look that bothered, I was moved along the que quickly and my drink came very fast. I don’t think they’d let the milk settle or took any pride in their coffee-making skills!

Which proves you can have a beautiful building with lots of character and a reputation which goes before you yet,  it’s  people who have an interest in coffee- it’s not ‘just their job’ and take their coffee-making seriously who really do make the best cuppas.