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Coffee for one…


August 16th 2012

The Ivy Deli, Monton

Tip- an excuse for buying a cake when reading, it holds your page in case there’s a breeze.

I was going to take a trip to The Tate Gallery, Liverpool but, the sun was shining so I decided to spend the day in the sun.

I headed to The Ivy Deli for take away. I’ve mentioned this little deli before but not in any detail. A modern styled deli with chalk boards listing sandwiches/paninis and breakfast offerings. All under £4.00 with the option of eating in at the tall bar tables. Magazines are provided so not so lonesome if eating alone. The counter always has a fresh choice of breads, cakes,meats and delicacies. Staff are friendly and funky background music gives the place a relaxed atmosphere.

The  paninis being made looked filling and tasty. I opted for my usual one shot cappuccino (a good take away coffee), bacon and lettuce poppy seeded pretzel and a cherry and almond flap jack. I found myself a spot in the sun, opened my magazine and ate. This is what holidays are for. It wasn’t a stolen moment in a lunch time. I was in no rush.


The sun was glorious and on days like this England’s not a bad place to live.  It’s nice to sit back and people watch. The pace slows. To one side mums with prams were having a stop off (probably taking a well earned break) on the other individuals owned benches dozing in the sun, while runners were out looking a little more red faced than usual.  As I chomped on my flapjack reading an article on Jessica Ennis I took a moment to reflect on the olympics that have passed and the atmosphere it generated around the people in the U.K and amongst friends. It showed how sport brings people together from all walks of  life and displays the attributes needed to succeed. Let’s hope it’s motivated children to get more involved in sport. Has it motivated you?